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Michele Cheng- ACA Introduction

Current Projects

1) An article contemplating on how virtual events help promote accessibility and inclusivity

2) An intermedia project where I interview teenagers between 13-18 years old on their worldview

3) An intermedia opera on the polarization of today's society

Who I am

* A 1.5 generation Taiwanese American

* An interdisciplinary composer

* An improviser-performer

Creative practice: intertwining many media to engage with social issues and cultural identities

- Through a journalistic approach to interview and research, I develop creative work that shines light on underrepresented figures and their disregarded narratives.

- Use storytelling to call for action and evoke healing.

- My work pushes the boundaries of musical and theatrical performance through theatrical motivation and structured improvisation— to provoke the performers to not only embody the narrative through their musical performance but to empathize with it.

- Incorporating puppetry to provide a safe distance for discussing controversial issues and expanding musical expression.

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