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To Be Heard    Unheard


About the project

To Be Heard X Unheard is an interdisciplinary experimental music theatre research project with collaborations between music, theatre, dance, and arts speaking about Asian women experiences in the United States. It included acoustic & electronic music; monologues & crew acting; contemporary dance; visual arts, photography, and films. The project is based on stories that were collected from in-person interviews, autobiographical writings, real events, and Asian American literature.

The project was produced by Michele Cheng, an MFA candidate in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology at the University of California, Irvine in 2016. Most of the team members came from various departments at UC, Irvine including doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students. The project also featured some professionals from the LA industry.

To Be Heard X Unheard was recognized a winner of The American Prize and a finalist of ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Awards in 2017.


Ethnosexualization- Stereotyping, discrimination, and oppression on Asian women from mass media, commercial, and film industry

Cultural Spacesuit- Immigration and Transformation

Different Mirrors- Culture and Tradition

I. Oral Languages

II. Writings

Mother and Daughter- Dedication to the Homeland

I You- Interracial & Homosexual Relationship

I. Prologue

II. Internal Conflicts

III. External Forces

IV. Way to go (Epilogue)

To be continued- Human Pride

Research Reference

Chou, Rosalind S., Asian American Sextual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2012.

Han, Arar, and Hsu, John, eds. Asian American X: an intersection of twenty-first- century Asian American voices. University Press, 2007.

Lin, Brenda. Weath Ribbon: Taiwan Bound, America Bound. University of Indianapolis Press, 2004.

Sensoy, Ö zlem, and DiAngelo, Robin. Is everyone really equal? : An introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education. New York, NY: Columbia University, 2012.

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Artworks © designed by Chuan-shun Huang


Producer&Composer: Michele Cheng



Soprano Sax & Flute: Molly Jones

EWI: George Wheeler

Electric Guitar: Jordan Watson

Electric Guitar: Anthony Caulkins

Electric Bass: Hassan Estakhrian

Accordion & Piano: Borey Shin

Drum: Oliver Dobrian

Bass Clarinet: Richard Savery

Harp: Taylor Censoprano

Violin: April Kim

Acoustic Bass: Dylan Romaine

Shakuhachi & Taiko: Shi-wei Willie Wu

Piano & Vocal: Michele Cheng


[Arts Team]

Visual Artist: Christopher Wong | Khue Bui

FIlm Director & Editor: XinXin Lin

Film Cinematographers: XinXin Lin | Nicky Wan

Photographer: Chien-yin Hsieh


[Theatre Team]

Directors: Wind Woods | XinXin Lin

Writer: Sonia Desai | Michele Cheng

Actors: Sharon Kuo, Desiree Nguyen, Tiffany Lee, Edmund Truong

Narrators: Ryan Schwalm | Liam Holten | Michele Cheng

Lighting Designer: Sarah Resch

Projection Designer: Michele Cheng

Scenic Designer: Michele Cheng

[Dance Team]

Choreographer: Boroka Nagy

Dancers: Boroka Nagy | Emily Yamashita

[Live Production]

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Erickson

Sound Engineer: Elizabeth Erickson

Recording Engineer: Hassan Estakhrian

Lighting Operator: Mingna Li

Projection Operators: Elizabeth Ericsson | Michele Cheng

Sound Operators: Elizabeth Ericsson | Michele Cheng

Cinematographers: XinXin Lin | Yue Huang

Photographer: Chien-yin Hsieh


[Post Production]

Sound Engineer: Hassan Estakhrian

Video Editors: Hassan Estakhrian

Graphic Designer: Chuan-shun Huang

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