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Whose Turn Is It Anyway


“Whose turn is it anyway” is an improv musical puppet theatre project for musicians. It is inspired by improvisational theatre and comedy, and features puppetry, video score, and structured improvisation. It is also inspired by Susan Linn’s experience in make believe through puppetry, where she describes pretend play as a unique human characteristic of “the capacity for fantasy and the capacity for, and need to, make meaning of our experience.” Through standing in the shoes of puppets, this project opens up a playful space for musicians to converse, to use their imagination to make sense of their musical expression, and to pretend play as a collective and as an individual.



I. Lost In Translation

II. Divas


IV. What Are We Looking For?

Ending Credits

* Any parts can be performed individually.

Total length: about 25 minutes

The project is open to any instrumentation and can be adaptable (depending on the collaboration) to fit different collectives.


Video Scores (premiere version)


2021 Stanford New Ensemble (septet) @ Stanford University

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