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Peeter & the Woolf

For 26th Young Composers Meeting premiered by

orkest de ereprijs, the Netherlands

Program Note

Peete & the Woolf is inspired by the “What Were You Wearing?” Survivor Art Installation originated at the University of Arkansas in 2013. This piece is about child trauma and its subtle signs through the perspective of a pet dog.


[orkest de ereprijs]

Wim Boerman - Conductor

Aljosja Buijs - Piano

Jacqueline van Brink - Flute

Ans van Dijk - Saxophone

Hans Witteman - Clarinet

Sabine Laar - Saxophone

Dineke Griek - Tuba

Sjors van der Mark - guitar

Sjoerd Pauw - Trumpet

Beppie Schalken - Trombone

Herman Lamers - Bass

Marije van den Berg - Flute

Peter de Hoop - Trombone

André Groen - Drums / percussion

Jeroen van Dijk - Horn


Mezzo Soprano- Laura Ginstrom

Soprano- Francisca Branco

Alto- Julie Hasfjord

Tenor- Vojtech Sembera

Baritone- Hidde Kleikamp


Peeter & The Woolforkest de ereprijs, Laura Ginstrom, Francisca Branco, Julie Hasfjord, Vojtech Sembera, Hidde Kleikamp
00:00 / 03:17

Text & Script

Narrator: Once upon a time, there is…

Fairies: A dog! (repeated)

Flappy: My name is Flappy the Sheepdog (Fairies: Flappy the Sheepdog)

Flappy: And that is my favorite human being (Fairies: Human being)

Flappy: His name is Peeter the Little Boy (Fairies: Peeter the Little Boy)

Flappy: I am his caregiver. (Fairies: Uh-huh, uh-huh)

Fairy C: Huh?!

Fairy A: He likes to walk

Flappy: So I walk with him

Fairy B: He likes to throw the ball

Flappy: So I pick up the ball for him

Fairy C: He likes to rub her belly

Narrator: Flappy the Sheepdog…

Flappy: I can smell, I can tell, anything

[snif snif snif snif SNIF]

Flappy: Peeter smells like toothpaste (Fairies: Peeter, toothpaste)

(“Hurry, we are running late”)

[snif snif snif snif SNIF]

Flappy: Peeter smells like a tire (Fairies: Peeter, tire)

(“Bye Peter, see you tomorrow”)

[snif snif snif snif snif snif]

Flappy: Peeter smells like his baseball hat (Fairies: Peeter, baseball hat)

(“Peter, guess who’s here!”)

Flappy: Life is wonderful

Flappy: Apple, Shampoo, Pencil, Mud, Broccoli… (Fairies: Peeter, toothpaste, tire, baseball hat)

Flappy: What is that?

Fairy A: Mold?

Fairy B: Dirt?

Fairy C: Musk?

Fairy B: Rain?

Fairy A: Fish?

Fairy C: Skin?

Narrator: Flappy is worried…

Fairy A: Peeter walks no more

Flappy: He hides his baseball hat

Fairy C: Peeter throws the ball no more

Flappy: He screams when he sleeps

Fairy B: Peeter rubs her belly no more

Flappy: [whimper]

Fairy A: Toothpaste

Fairy C: Mold?

Fairy B: Tire

Fairy C: Dirt?

Fairy A: Toothpaste

Fairy C: Musk?

Fairy B: Tire

Fairy C: Rain?

Fairy A: Toothpaste

Fairy C: Fish?

Fairy B: Tire

Fairy C: Skin?

(“Guess who’s here, Peter. Peter? Are you answering the door? Peter?”)

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