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National Sawdust New Works Commission

Time: December 10, 2020

Location: National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY (Virtual performance)

Role: Composer

National Sawdust Ensemble performance will stream on Facebook and the Live@ digital stage on Thursday, December 10 at 5pm Eastern

JACK Quartet performance will stream on Facebook and the Live@ digital stage on Friday, December 11 at 5pm Eastern

New Works Commission winners:
Daniel Sabzghabaei, Eddie Codrington, Jessie Cox, Nicholas Tran, Nina Shekhar, Rajna Swaminathan, Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa, Ted Moore, Yaz Lancaster, Golnaz Shariatzadeh, Baldwin Giang, Bethany Younge, Clifton Joey Guidry III, Finola Merivale, James Diaz, Julie Herndon, Kelley Sheehan, Manjing Zhang, Mario Layne Fabrizio, and Michele Cheng.

Stanford New Ensemble: hors les murs


Time: November 18, 2020

Location: Stanford University (Virtual performance)

Role: Performer (Stanford new ensemble)

This livestreamed performance will feature works by Mark Applebaum and Pauline Oliveros, and a world première by Hassan Estakhrian. Performers will be playing from their homes in locations around the U.S. and Europe.



Noah Nathan Berrie
Michele Cheng
Hans Kretz
Praveen Sriram
Eddie Tchaouchev
Kathleen Yuan
Colin Yule
Andrew Aday Lee Zhu

Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2020


Time: October 30, 2020 (KST)

Location: Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

Role: Composer/Performer

Seoul International Computer Music Festival(SICMF) is a sonic-art performance embracing musical instruments, electronics, audiovisuals, multimedia, etc. as well as a special event showing new approaches and possibilities to combine music with technology finely, opening every autumn in Seoul. From starting in 1994 as the first computer music festival in Asia to its 27th festival this year, SICMF played over a thousand of high-end works and has grown as the major stage leading the global computer music trend.

A number of works from all over the world are applied every year and carefully selected for the festival. This year's concerts will perform 21 foreign works and 15 Korean works. Particularly, a pioneer in the field of Computer Music and the co-founder of Audacity, Roger Dannenberg, as the keynote speaker, and the Music Technology team at Carnegie Mellon University are invited for our valuable opportunities of international exchange. We hope that SICMF2020 can strengthen the place of Korea as a field of computer music and can contribute to the advancement and the further progress of computer music in the world.


Time: October 3, 2020

Location: Resonance Works, Pittsburgh, PA (Virtual performance)

Role: Composer

Celebrating the centennial of the 19th amendment with a 3-part series of works by women composers of the past and present. Join us on the premiere dates for live artist chats! Music written in the last 5 years, including a world premiere, works by Carnegie Mellon alums, and a set of songs from Sing Out Strong: Immigrant Voices, which premiered alongside the world premiere of the opera “I Am a Dreamer Who no Longer Dreams” last fall by Boston’s White Snake Projects.  Our production of Dreamer has been postponed a year, but two of our cast will perform these songs, created by writers and composers with connections to the immigrant experience.

Works by:
Missy Mazzoli, Annika Socolofsky, Katherine Pukinskis, Michele Cheng, Marina Lopez, Sheela Ramesh, Celka Ojakangas, and Gilda Lyons

Helen Zhibing Huang, soprano | Maria Lopez, mezzo-soprano | Timothi Williams, mezzo-soprano| Dawn Posey, violin | Katya Janpoladyan, cello | Karen Jeng Lin and Zach Neufeld, piano | Members of the Resonance Chamber Orchestra


Time: August 15, 2020

Location: Irish Sound, Science & Technology Association (Virtual conference)

Role: Composer / Piece: Blursday

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 and the associated social changes have impacted our lives in a manner that has no precedent in recent times. How has the initial shock changed our professional and personal relationships? Does this pandemic mark a permanent change to how we work and share? Is this a societal event that will soon be normalised?


ISSTA has invited international artists working with sound to share their responses to this situation as composers and performers. We have curated a series of three concerts featuring live performance and fixed media works in audio and video formats. We feel that this selection of work demonstrates a range of changing methods of individual practice, collaboration, and sonic discovery made during 2020.


Time: July 11, 2020

Location: Leicester, VT (Virtual performance)

Role: Composer / Piece: Blursday (Premiere)

Streaming concert of 10 new pieces followed by a virtual reception.

Featuring compositions/performances by:
Lucas Ranieri/Garret Klauss
Baldwin Giang/Zach Pulse
Chelsea Loew/Jessie Nucho
Dayton Kinney/Laura Jacyna
Stephen Jackson/Elsie Han
Keaton Garrett/Charles Caldwell
Ramin Roshandel/Addie Hotchkiss
Ben Morris/James Sullivan
Paul Novak/Evie Werger

Time: June 16, 2020

Location: Portland, OR (Virtual performance)

Role: Composer / Piece: Speed Dating

2020’s Gathering will be in June 18-20 in Portland, Oregon! Our collaborating partners include Third Angle New MusicFear No Music, & Portland State University. Our theme for NMG 2020 is ‘Local Action.’ Our keynote address on this theme will be offered by Nathalie Joachim. Our headlining performers for NMG2020 are Seth Parker WoodsThird Coast Percussion, and Flutronix. Our schedule of NMG2020 events can be found on our NMG2020 Schedule page.

* Revised: Virtual performances, talks, discussions inspired by this year's theme of Local Action. Co-hosted by American Composers Forum and New Music USA.


Time: May 23, 2020 1pm (PDT)

Location: CCRMA, Stanford University (Virtual performance)

Role: Guest artist

In the past few weeks, we have been programming, testing, and rehearsing in an online environment between California, which is still facing a 'shelter-in-place' situation, Berlin (DE), and Ghent (BE). Each Saturday afternoon we are presenting a concert that connects six musicians from these locations and guests from other places to each other. The sessions are broadcast live with audio and video feeds from each site. 

Michele Cheng, self-built amplified surface with FX
Hassan Estakhrian, bass and synthesizer
Michiko Theurer, live drawing/painting


Constantin Basica (Palo Alto, CA)
Chris Chafe (Woodside, CA)
Henrik von Coler (Berlin, DE)
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano (San Carlos, CA)
Juan Parra (Ghent, BE)
Klaus Scheuermann (Berlin, DE)


Time: May 13, 2020

Location: White Snake Project, Boston, MA (Virtual performance)

Role: Composer / Piece: FIGHT (Premiere)

We’re proud to introduce you to the writers and composers of SING OUT STRONG: DeColonized Voices, who come from all over the world, reflecting the diversity of America, and Boston in particular. They bring with them the music and stories of the Nipmuc Tribe of MassachusettsCape Verde, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, the Democratic Republic of CongoVietnamHaiti, the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, and the multicultural melting pot of heritages in the United States. They come from diverse socio-economic, age, gender, and racial backgrounds. Some are professional musicians, some are high school students. But all are activists who believe that music and storytelling have the power to change lives.


Time: May 3, 2020 2pm (PST)

Location: CCRMA, Stanford University (Virtual performance)

Role: Composer & Improviser / Piece: Doyennes' Diaries (Binaural mix premiere)

Please join us via live streaming this Sunday for a concert with CCRMAlites sharing new works from their homes into yours. We will have live performances, audiovisual pieces, immersive soundscapes, and poetry. There will also be a chat where you can write impressions, ask questions and interact with the artists and other members of our community.

Works and performances by:
Mark Applebaum
Michele Cheng
Cathleen Grado
Julie Herndon & John Ivers
Christopher Jette
Douglas McCausland
D’or Seifer & Eoin Callery


Time: April 25-26, 2020

Location: London, England (Virtual conference)

Role: Presenter

The eavesdropping season culminates in a weekend-long symposium which will be an opportunity for local and visiting artists alike to reflect together on 'creative activism: radical responses within new music'. The symposium is designed to be open, inclusive and positive in its approach to this theme: the programme will feature a broad variety of papers, presentations, performances and discussions reflecting the diversity of issues and responses within the international new music scene. Special guests Marlo De Lara and Sarah Nicolls will be offering their thoughts on resistance and activism, and Extinction Rebellion activist Cathy Eastburn will be filling the chapel with the therapeutic resonances of a gong bath focusing on reconnection. The programme will also feature several discussions and a selection of shorter contributions gathered through a Call for Papers.


Time: April 22-25, 2020

Location: Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Belfast, Northern Ireland

Role: Composer / Piece: Speed Dating (ambisonics)

Once every 2 years, artists from across the world gather in Belfast for a week of musical adventure. Since 1981, Sonorities has led the way for musicians, composers, and sound artists to make and present work for curious listeners.

Locations across Belfast, including the most advanced music venue in Ireland: The Sonic Lab, play host to all things weird and wonderful. There’ll be concerts, club nights, installations, talks and more. Occasionally you might leave unimpressed, but more often than not you’ll stumble upon something that could change your outlook on music forever.

She Scores 2020_ Women+ Experimental.jpg

Time: March 21, 2020

Location: Pittsburgh, PA (Virtual performance)

Role: Composer-performer / Piece: Doyennes' Diaries (Premiere)

Experimental and improvised music and sound-based performance art by Kamratōn, Olivia J. P. HarrisFelicia ChenMichele ChengAnnie Hui-Hsin Hsieh, and Erin Rogers.

Women's LAbor.jpg

Time: March 8, 2020

Location: CCRMA Stage, Stanford University

Role: Performer (fff ensemble)

A concert in celebration of the International Women's Day


Time: February 28, 2020

Location: Gigant, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands 

Role: Composer / Piece: Peeter & the Woolf (Premiere)

Young Composers Meeting is an intiative by orkest de ereprijs to give young professional composers a chance to compose for an ensemble and develop their talents, knowledge and professional network. It is organised by orkest de ereprijs, the Gaudeamus Foundation and Podium Gigant Apeldoorn.

We proudly present the participants of the 26th Young Composers Meeting 2020:
Liesbeth Decrock (Belgium), Isabelle Riche (Canada), Xiaoran Jiang (China), Inga Magnes (Iceland), Wilson Leywantono (Indonesia), Yayi Wira Pamungkas (Indonesia), Vlad Chlek (Russia), Polina Korobkova (Russia), Victoria Benito (Spain), Thanakarn Shofield (Thailand), Emily Abdy (UK), Lara Agar (UK), Georgia Denham (UK), Michele Cheng (USA), Robert Fleitz (USA), Martin Mayo (USA).


Image Rights: Kenneth Reams

Time: February 6-8, 2020

Location: Nitery Studio, Stanford University

Role: Performer (percussion, keyboard, vocal) w/ Stanford New Ensemble

Choreographed by Anna Kimmel

Music Composed by Barbara Nerness

SOLI is a dance created in collaboration with Kenneth Reams—an artist, activist, and inmate on death row. This piece oscillates between themes of solitude and solidarity to offer space for reflection regarding the injustices of the American criminal justice system and the continued practice of capital punishment. Centered around Reams' inability to be in attendance for this labor of mutual respect, admiration, and ideas, this dance explores the limits of presence for the absent body, and the vulnerability of invisibility.

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